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Labor Basin Report

Grow Hays contracted with the Docking Institute at Fort Hays State University to conduct a Labor Basin Analysis of the Ellis County labor basin.  The analysis provides a wealth of information regarding labor availability, including:

The “Available Labor Pool” represents those who are looking for employment or are interested in new jobs for the right employment opportunities.

The Docking Institute’s independent analysis of this labor basin shows that:

• The population of the Ellis County Labor Basin is 82,830. The Civilian Labor Force is 45,367. The Available Labor Pool contains 25,697 individuals.

• Of the non-working members of the Available Labor Pool, an estimated 1,337 (5.2%) are currently looking for work and 3,790 (14.7%) are interested in working for the right opportunities. Of the working members of the Available Labor Pool, 3,622 (14.1%) are currently looking for work, while 16,948 (66.0%) are interested in different jobs given the right opportunities.

• More than four-fifths (82.8%) of the Available Labor Pool have at least some college experience and almost all (99.2%) have at least a high school diploma. The average age for members of the Pool is about 40 years old, and women make up more than half (56.2%) of the Pool.

• Almost 18% of the Available Labor Pool are currently employed as general laborers, while an additional 5.1% work in government services or technical/high skill blue-collar occupations. About 40% of the Pool work in service sector jobs, while 17.1% work in professional white-collar jobs. A fifth (20%) are not currently working.

• More than three-quarters (77.8%) of the Available Labor Pool are “willing to work outside of their primary field of employment for a new or different employment opportunity.”

• More than a quarter (29%) of the members of the Available Labor Pool will commute up to 45 minutes, one-way, for an employment opportunity, while 72% will commute up to 30 minutes for employment.

• The four most important desired benefits, in order, are good salary or hourly wage, on-the-job training (OJT) or paid training, good health benefits, and good retirement benefits.

• An estimated 3,836 members (15%) of the Available Labor Pool are interested in a new job at $10 an hour, 10,134 (39%) are interested at $15 an hour, and 15,579 (61%) are interested at $20 an hour.

• Of the 20,570 members in the subset of employed members of the Available Labor Pool, 5,816 (28%) consider themselves underemployed.

• About a 4,558 (9.1%) of all survey respondents (Available Labor Pool members and non-Pool respondents) report that they have childcare services for their children. Another 895 (1.8%) report that they need childcare services but currently lack services.


Click on the following link for the full report in pdf format: Ellis County Labor Basin 2018.pdf