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Ellis County ECommunity Program


The Ellis County E-Community program was created through a Kansas Center for Entrepreneurship Tax Credit Program in 2012.  It is a project to encourage entrepreneurial activity in the communities of Ellis County.  Qualifying entrepreneurial projects may include startup businesses, as well as existing business purchases and/or expansions. The minimum loan request is $2500 with a $45,000 maximum amount available per applicant business.




E-Community Funding Example:  Assume the applicant needs a total of $40,000.  Also, assume the applicant has $10,000 of their own capital.  Of the remaining $30,000 needed, the eCommunity can provide no greater than 60% of that gap (with a max of $45,000).  The other 40% minimum must come from a financial institution and/or a local/regional funding source.



E-Community Guidelines:

Who Qualifies:

  • Anyone wishing to start, purchase or expand a for-profit business in Ellis County

Use of Funds:

  • Purchase of business equipment
  • Purchase of business inventory
  • Purchase of real estate
  • Working capital
  • Existing inventory


  • Terms: Minimum of 1 year, maximum of 10 years
  • No penalty for early repayment
  • Loan rate: Administrative fee plus fixed interest not to exceed 6%.

 Loan Funds May Not Be Used For:

  • Paying off or refinancing existing debt
  • Salary or owner’s draw
  • Payroll taxes
  • Personal vehicle
  • Building renovation not tied to a specific business

Businesses That Do Not Qualify:

  • Non-profit organizations
  • Academic institutions
  • Gambling concerns
  • Floor planning concerns (i.e. wholesale auto inventory financing)
  • Speculative concerns
  • Lending or investment institutions
  • Multilevel marketing or pyramid sales
  • Past due on school loans

Past due on child support payments




If you have any questions, please call Grow Hays at 785.628.3102.